Friday, August 5, 2016

Short Read On Amazon

To ensure prosperity while setting himself apart from other florists Leland Gardner invents a machine that turns natural ingredients into an extraordinary liquid fertilizer. When a mouse falls into the machine the formula is dramatically transformed. In order to recreate this magical product that guarantees maximum growth potential along with brilliant flowers he’d have to add two more ingredients. Blood and bones. But how, and where, would he get them?


If he lets her get away with it she’ll keep thinking she can do this. He grew angry and frustrated as he searched his pockets for the receipt. Leland Gardner, normally a shy and quiet little man, lagged behind the rest of the departing moviegoers, still fuming about being overcharged for his food and drink at the concession stand earlier by a teenage girl more interested in flirting with boys than in accurately ringing up his order. Or were the casual flirtations simply a clever ruse to divert everyone’s attention while she pocketed some of his money? Whatever the reason for her poor behavior, the whole ordeal ruined his once a month movie day at the Hummer Bird Theater.

By the time he reached the lobby he changed his mind about confronting her; two waiting lines had formed at the concession stand. He smacked a hand against the glass exit door and shoved it open. Stomped out of the building and into the blinding Saturday afternoon sunshine. Shielding his eyes, he scanned the crowded parking lot for his old station wagon.

He weaved in and out of traffic on Highway 35 trying to stay on the shady side of semi trucks and other large vehicles. Removing his eyeglasses too fast he bent back one of the wire earpieces. Grew angrier. His day was in a tailspin!